Springtails, Globular Cave


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Arrhopalites caecus

Minimum: 20+ springtails

Introduce our Globular Cave Springtails (Arrhopalites caecus) to your terrarium or vivarium for unparalleled cleanliness and balance. These unique, tiny decomposers excel in breaking down organic matter and managing mold, making them a vital component of any bioactive habitat. Perfect for environments housing reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates, Globular Cave Springtails enhance ecosystem health and stability.

Key Features:

  1. Specialized Decomposers: Globular Cave Springtails are experts at decomposing organic matter, including decaying leaves, wood, and plant debris, ensuring a clean habitat.
  2. Mold Management: These springtails effectively consume mold and fungus, preventing harmful mold outbreaks in your enclosure.
  3. Nutrient Recycling: By decomposing organic material, they release essential nutrients back into the substrate, promoting robust plant growth.
  4. Discrete and Non-Disruptive: Their small size and non-intrusive nature mean they won't disturb your terrarium or vivarium inhabitants.
  5. Hardy and Low-Maintenance: These springtails are resilient and easy to care for, thriving with minimal maintenance.


  • Species: Globular Cave Springtails (Arrhopalites caecus)
  • Size: Tiny, usually around 0.5-1 mm in length
  • Habitat: Ideal for terrariums, vivariums, and other bioactive enclosures
  • Diet: Organic matter, mold, and decaying plant material
  • Quantity: Each order includes a healthy starter culture


  • Enhanced Cleanliness: Maintain a pristine environment by reducing organic waste and mold buildup.
  • Boosted Plant Health: Their nutrient cycling enriches the substrate, fostering healthy plant growth.
  • Natural Mold Control: Prevent mold-related issues by utilizing their mold-consuming capabilities.
  • Effortless Upkeep: Low-maintenance care requirements make them an easy addition to any bioactive setup.
  • Balanced Ecosystem: Support a self-sustaining and well-balanced ecosystem within your enclosure.


  • Terrariums: Use to keep your terrarium clean and support plant health.
  • Vivariums: Perfect for vivariums with reptiles, amphibians, or invertebrates, helping to control mold and organic waste.
  • Bioactive Setups: Essential for bioactive enclosures, contributing to nutrient cycling and decomposition.

Care Instructions:

  1. Introduction: Gently introduce the Globular Cave Springtails to your terrarium or vivarium by placing the culture container in the enclosure and allowing them to disperse naturally.
  2. Humidity: Maintain moderate to high humidity levels to ensure their survival and effectiveness.
  3. Substrate: Provide a moist substrate rich in organic matter, such as leaf litter, to support their diet and reproduction.
  4. Feeding: While they will primarily feed on existing organic matter, occasional supplementation with fish food flakes or yeast can help sustain their population.
  5. Monitoring: Regularly check the springtail population to ensure they are thriving and effectively managing waste and mold.

Order your Globular Cave Springtails today and create a clean, healthy, and balanced environment in your terrarium or vivarium, ensuring the well-being of your plants and animals.