Simple introduction to mushroom growing

Simple introduction to mushroom growing


Fungi may have been the first human cultivation production in the form of mead (honey wine). Early humans discovered that by placing a bee hive in a small body of water that they could come back a few days or weeks later to find the water transformed into an intoxicating drink. As amazing as that is, we have only discovered a sliver of fungi capabilities.

Simply put, Mushrooms grow from spores, not seeds. One single fungus produces billions of spores. Mushrooms spores rely on substances such as grains, wood or organic matter for their nutrients. A blend of spores and these substances is called spawn. Spawn supports the growth of the mushrooms mycelium (similar to roots). How fast it grows, spawns and fruits depends on the mushroom species itself. For the most part, mushrooms prefer dark, cool, moist and humid growing environments. But every species prefers something a little different…

There are many reasons to grow your own mushrooms, but here are just a few known reasons:

1 Mushrooms are relatively cheap to grown and can produce year round crops.

2 Mushroom cultivation is a relatively small industry, so there are many revenue opportunities.

3 Mushrooms remediate the soil, water, damaged environments and many others.

4 Many more mushrooms can be cultivated at home that are not commercially available.

5 They’re awesome and I’m sure you get the point!