Chamomile, German (Organic)


Matricaria chamomilla

Approx: 250 seeds

The German Chamomile is a must-have for any garden, with its delicate and fragrant blooms that make for a relaxing addition to your outdoor space. Not only is this plant a beautiful addition to your garden, but it's also practical - the dried flowers can be used to make a soothing tea that's great for calming the mind and promoting a restful sleep.

When it comes to growing this gorgeous plant, German Chamomile is quite low maintenance, making it a perfect choice for gardening beginners. It thrives in well-drained soils and full sun exposure, and will provide you with an abundance of blooms from late spring through fall. Simply sow the seeds and wait for the delicate flowers to appear!

Whether it's for personal use or to give as a thoughtful gift, this plant is sure to delight. So why wait? Get your hands on some German Chamomile seeds today and start growing your own patch of peaceful beauty!