In 2013, we started our organic seed business with a passion for promoting sustainable agriculture and providing high-quality, non-GMO seeds to our customers. It all began with a small plot of land in our backyard where we experimented with different seed varieties and growing techniques. As we learned more about organic farming, we began to source seeds from local farmers and seed suppliers who shared our values. We started attending farmers' markets and other community events to share our products and spread the word about the benefits of organic gardening. Through hard work, dedication, and a commitment to our principles, our business grew, and we are proud to continue providing organic seeds to individuals and organizations across the country.

In addition to our passion for promoting sustainable agriculture and providing high-quality organic seeds, we are also master gardener educators who are committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise with others. We believe that educating the next generation about sustainable agriculture is critical for a healthier planet and future generations. As part of our efforts, we have been involved in building school farms and teaching students how to grow their own organic fruits and vegetables.

Furthermore, we are also hoping to start a NEW orchard soon. We recognize the importance of preserving and promoting biodiversity, and we believe that establishing an orchard will provide us with the opportunity to do just that. We are excited about the prospect of cultivating a variety of fruit trees and learning about the unique challenges and rewards that come with orchard management. Our goal is to use our knowledge and experience to help others start their own orchards and promote sustainable agriculture practices that benefit both people and the planet.