Dill, Long Island Mammoth (Organic)


Anethum graveolens 'Long Island Mammoth'

Approx: 100 seeds

The Long Island Mammoth Dill seeds are a great choice for anyone who loves the taste of dill and wants to grow their own. This variety of dill is known for its large, flavorful leaves and seeds, making it a popular choice for adding a unique and delicious flavor to a variety of dishes. Whether you are using the leaves in a salad, the seeds in pickling, or simply enjoying the dill as a fresh herb, this variety is sure to please. These seeds are easy to grow and can be planted in any type of soil, so long as it is well-drained. With proper care and attention, these seeds can be grown in gardens, containers, or even in windowsills, and they are ideal for those who want a fast and bountiful harvest. Order your Long Island Mammoth Dill seeds today and start growing this delicious and versatile herb!