Alyssum, Sweet (Organic)

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Alyssum maritimum

Approx: 100 seeds

Sweet Alyssum is a charming and delicate flowering plant that adds beauty and fragrance to any garden. With its small, dainty blooms in shades of white, pink, and purple, this plant is a favorite among gardeners and flower enthusiasts. The sweet fragrance of its delicate flowers will fill your garden with a sweet aroma, inviting butterflies, bees, and other beneficial pollinators. Perfect for planting in borders, rock gardens, and as a ground cover, sweet alyssum is also low maintenance and easy to grow. Whether planted in the sun or in partial shade, it will thrive and bloom profusely from spring to fall. This versatile plant can also be grown in containers, making it a perfect addition to patios, balconies, and outdoor living spaces. Treat yourself to the beauty and fragrance of sweet alyssum in your garden today!