Fairy Moss Mosquito Fern


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Azolla filiculoides


Transform your aquarium or water garden into a tranquil aquatic haven with Fairy Moss, also known as Mosquito Fern, a captivating aquatic plant that brings natural beauty and functionality to your underwater world. Dive into the wonders of this versatile and easy-to-maintain aquatic marvel, perfect for aquarium enthusiasts and water garden aficionados.

Key Features:

  1. Floating Green Canopy: Fairy Moss forms a dense, vibrant green canopy on the water's surface, adding an enchanting touch of natural beauty to your aquatic environment. Its tiny, fern-like leaves create an intricate mosaic that both fish and humans can admire.

  2. Natural Algae Inhibitor: This aquatic plant acts as a natural algae inhibitor, shading the water and hindering the growth of nuisance algae. It contributes to maintaining crystal-clear water in your aquarium or water garden.

  3. Mosquito Repellent: As the common name suggests, Mosquito Fern has a natural ability to deter mosquitoes from breeding in your aquatic habitat. Enjoy a mosquito-free outdoor experience without the need for chemical repellents.

  4. Easy to Maintain: Fairy Moss is exceptionally low-maintenance, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced aquarists. It adapts well to various water conditions and requires minimal care to thrive.

  5. Habitat Enhancement: This floating plant provides shelter and spawning grounds for fish and aquatic creatures, promoting a balanced and harmonious aquatic ecosystem.


  • Quantity:  1 Portion  
  • Size: (Palm Size surface area)
  • Lighting: Low to moderate
  • Growth Rate: Fast


  • Elevates the natural aesthetics of your aquarium or water garden with a lush green canopy.
  • Acts as a natural algae inhibitor, maintaining clear water.
  • Functions as a mosquito repellent, creating a mosquito-free environment.
  • Low-maintenance and adaptable to various water conditions.
  • Enhances the habitat and biodiversity of your aquatic environment.

Care Tips:

  1. Place Fairy Moss (Mosquito Fern) gently on the water's surface, allowing it to float freely.
  2. Provide low to moderate lighting for optimal growth.
  3. Enjoy the natural beauty and benefits of this aquatic wonder in your aquarium or water garden.

Elevate your aquatic paradise with the captivating beauty and natural functionality of Fairy Moss (Mosquito Fern). Order now and witness your underwater world flourish with elegance and tranquility!