Corn, Truckers Favorite White (Organic)


Zea mays 'Truckers Favorite White'

Minimum: 25+ seeds

Introducing Truckers Favorite White Corn seeds, your solution for fresh and delicious corn right in your own backyard. This variety of corn is not only prized by truckers on the road, but also by home gardeners who want to enjoy sweet and juicy corn straight from the stalk. With a classic white appearance, Truckers Favorite White Corn is an old-fashioned variety that produces large ears with plump and tender kernels.

These seeds are easy to grow, and thrive in full sun with well-drained soil. They are a great option for those who want to add some homegrown charm to their summer barbecues and picnics. With the right care and attention, your Truckers Favorite White Corn will grow into stalks that produce large, sweet ears, ready for you to pick and enjoy.

Don't miss out on the chance to grow your own fresh corn, order your Truckers Favorite White Corn seeds today!