Moss, Star



Transform your terrarium, vivarium, or botanical display into a celestial wonderland with Star Moss, a captivating and exquisite moss variety known for its star-shaped appearance and its ability to elevate the enchantment of miniature landscapes. Explore the world of these celestial jewels, perfect for nature enthusiasts and lovers of small-scale beauty.

Key Features:

  1. Celestial Star-Shaped Form: Star Moss earns its name from its enchanting star-shaped appearance, creating a celestial mosaic in your terrarium or vivarium. Each "star" adds a touch of natural wonder and fascination to your miniature realm.

  2. Versatile for Miniature Landscapes: This moss variety is a versatile choice for crafting miniature landscapes. Use it to create mossy accents on rocks, logs, or as a ground cover, turning your terrarium into a captivating and otherworldly microcosm.

  3. Botanical Elegance: Star Moss brings botanical elegance to your terrarium or vivarium, making it perfect for reptile enclosures, amphibian habitats, or as a stunning addition to your indoor plant display.

  4. Low-Maintenance Marvel: Star Moss is a low-maintenance marvel, requiring minimal care once established. It thrives in a variety of terrarium conditions and adapts to different levels of humidity.

  5. Haven for Tiny Creatures: The lush and cushiony texture of Star Moss provides a cozy habitat for small creatures such as microfauna, insects, and amphibians, enriching the biodiversity of your miniature ecosystem.


  • Size: Available in Various Growth Forms and Clump Sizes
  • Habitat: Shaded Forests, Woodland Clearings, Stream Banks


  • Transform your miniature realm with the celestial allure of Star Moss.
  • Versatile moss suitable for accents, ground cover, and botanical displays.
  • Add botanical elegance to your miniature landscapes and indoor plant displays.
  • Low-maintenance and adaptable to various terrarium conditions.
  • Provide a cozy habitat for small creatures and enhance biodiversity.

Care Tips:

  1. Place Star Moss in well-drained substrate in your terrarium or vivarium.
  2. Maintain the preferred humidity level for optimal growth and appearance.
  3. Mist the moss occasionally to keep it hydrated and radiant.

Elevate the enchantment and biodiversity of your miniature landscapes with the celestial beauty of Star Moss. Order now and witness the captivating star-shaped jewels that this versatile moss brings to your miniature realm!