Bean, Garbanzo (Organic)


Cicer arietinum

Approx: 20 seeds

The Garbanzo Bean, also known as Chickpea, is a delightful addition to any garden. This hardy plant produces plump, nutritious beans that are packed with flavor and are perfect for a variety of dishes. With a moderate growing season, Garbanzo Beans are easy to care for and will thrive in well-draining soil with plenty of sun. They have a vigorous growth habit and are disease resistant, making them a great choice for novice and experienced gardeners alike. With its bold, earthy taste and versatility in the kitchen, the Garbanzo Bean is a must-have for any garden looking to add variety to their harvests. So, if you're looking for a delicious and dependable crop, look no further than the Garbanzo Bean!

In addition to its culinary versatility, the Garbanzo Bean is also a great choice for gardeners looking for a low-maintenance crop. These plants are drought-tolerant and can handle a range of soil conditions, from sandy to clay. They grow to be relatively compact, making them a great choice for small garden spaces or container gardens. And, with its lovely green foliage, the Garbanzo Bean also adds visual interest to your garden.

Once harvested, the beans can be enjoyed fresh or stored for later use. They are a staple in many cuisines, from Indian and Middle Eastern to Mediterranean, and can be used in dishes like hummus, stews, and salads. Their high protein content also makes them a popular ingredient in vegetarian and vegan dishes.