Caraway (Organic)


Carum carvi

Approx: 200 seeds

Caraway seeds are a versatile and flavorful herb that can add a delicious, earthy taste to a wide range of dishes. They are small, crescent-shaped seeds with a pungent aroma and flavor that is reminiscent of anise or licorice. Caraway seeds are a staple in many traditional cuisines, including German, Scandinavian, and Eastern European, where they are often used in breads, cheeses, and soups.

Growing caraway seeds is relatively easy and can be done in a variety of soils, but they prefer well-drained soil with a neutral pH. They can be planted directly in the ground or started in pots and then transferred to the garden. Caraway seeds will typically germinate in 7-14 days and mature in 75-90 days. Once mature, the plants will grow to a height of 12-18 inches and produce seeds that can be harvested and used for culinary purposes.