Cauliflower, Self Blanche (Organic)


Brassica oleracea var. botrytis 'Self Blanche'

Approx: 50 seeds

Self Blanche Cauliflower seeds are a must-have for any home gardener or market grower. These versatile seeds produce stunning heads of pure white cauliflower that are both sweet and nutty in flavor. These cauliflower heads are so perfect, you'll want to show them off on your kitchen table. But don't stop there, Self Blanche Cauliflower is also incredibly easy to prepare, making it the perfect ingredient for a variety of dishes, from roasted to sautéed.

When planting Self Blanche Cauliflower seeds, make sure to choose a sunny spot in your garden with well-drained soil. These plants grow best in cooler temperatures, so sow seeds in early spring or late summer for a fall harvest. With proper care, these seeds will produce abundant heads that can weigh up to 3 pounds each.

Get your hands on a pack of Self Blanche Cauliflower seeds today, and see the difference it makes in your garden and your cooking! These seeds are packed with flavor, nutrition, and beauty, making them a must-have for any green thumb.