Chia (Organic)


Salvia hispanica

Approx: 150 seeds

Introducing the highly nutritious and versatile Chia seeds! Chia seeds are a true superfood, packed with antioxidants, fiber, protein, and essential fatty acids. Whether you sprinkle them on your morning smoothie, add them to your baked goods, or simply enjoy them as a snack, Chia seeds will provide your body with sustained energy and a wealth of health benefits.

These tiny seeds are easy to grow and thrive in a variety of climates, making them a great addition to any garden or kitchen. Their delicate, lacy foliage adds an air of elegance to any space, while their compact size allows them to grow comfortably in pots, window boxes, and garden beds alike.

With their ability to absorb water and expand, Chia seeds are a wonderful ingredient for those who are looking to add a boost of nutrition to their diet without added bulk. And, because of their neutral flavor, Chia seeds can be used in a variety of sweet and savory recipes, making them a truly versatile ingredient.