Foxglove, Violet (Organic)


Digitalis purpurea

Minimum: 50 seeds

Transform your garden into a magical haven with the ethereal beauty of Violet Foxglove. Admired for its enchanting spires of tubular blossoms in shades of violet, this perennial beauty adds a touch of elegance and grace to cottage gardens, woodland settings, and enchanting landscapes. Immerse yourself in the allure of Violet Foxglove and let your garden bloom with captivating charm.

Key Features:

  1. Spires of Violet Elegance: Violet Foxglove graces your garden with tall, slender spires adorned with tubular blossoms in varying shades of violet. The vertical elegance of these flower spikes adds a captivating visual appeal, making it a focal point in any garden.

  2. Cottage Garden Charm: Embrace the charm of cottage gardens with the presence of Violet Foxglove. Its delicate blooms evoke a sense of nostalgia and romance, creating a whimsical atmosphere that transports you to the pages of a fairytale.

  3. Woodland Wonderland: Flourishing in partial shade to dappled sunlight, Violet Foxglove finds its natural home in woodland settings. Plant it among trees and shrubs to create a woodland wonderland where its graceful blooms dance in the filtered sunlight.

  4. Perennial Splendor: Enjoy the perennial splendor of Violet Foxglove as it returns year after year, gracing your garden with its elegant presence. Its reliability and enduring beauty make it a cherished addition to any perennial garden.

  5. Butterfly and Hummingbird Haven: Invite enchanting visitors to your garden as Violet Foxglove becomes a haven for butterflies and hummingbirds. The tubular flowers provide a nectar-rich banquet, adding lively movement and color to your outdoor sanctuary.


  • Botanical Name: Digitalis purpurea
  • Bloom Color: Shades of violet
  • Plant Type: Perennial
  • Height: Tall, with slender spires
  • Sun Exposure: Partial shade to dappled sunlight
  • Bloom Time: Late spring to early summer


  • Adorn your garden with the enchanting elegance of Violet Foxglove's tall spires and tubular violet blossoms.
  • Create a cottage garden charm that evokes nostalgia and romance, turning your garden into a whimsical fairytale setting.
  • Cultivate a woodland wonderland by planting Violet Foxglove in partial shade, where it thrives among trees and shrubs.
  • Experience perennial splendor as this reliable beauty returns year after year, gracing your garden with enduring charm.
  • Attract butterflies and hummingbirds, adding lively movement and color to your garden with the nectar-rich tubular flowers.

Cultivation Tips:

  1. Plant Violet Foxglove in well-drained soil with partial shade to dappled sunlight for optimal growth and blooming.
  2. Water consistently to keep the soil evenly moist, especially during dry spells.
  3. Enjoy the perennial beauty and reliability of Violet Foxglove, providing a lasting enchantment to your garden.

Transform your garden into an enchanting haven with Violet Foxglove. Order now and let the graceful elegance of these violet blooms captivate your outdoor sanctuary!