Green Love Lies Bleeding (Organic)


Amaranthus caudatus viridus

Minimum: 25 seeds

Elevate your garden with the enchanting allure of Green Love Lies Bleeding. This unique and graceful amaranth variety brings a cascade of green elegance to your landscape, creating a mesmerizing display that captures attention and adds a touch of sophistication.

Key Features:

  1. Graceful Green Cascades: Green Love Lies Bleeding mesmerizes with its cascading green blooms, resembling delicate, draping tassels. The gracefully arching stems add a unique vertical dimension to your garden, creating a visual spectacle that stands out.

  2. Distinctive Botanical Charm: Beyond its captivating green hues, Green Love Lies Bleeding boasts distinctive botanical charm. The name "Love Lies Bleeding" adds a touch of romanticism to the garden, making it a symbol of unique beauty and elegance.

  3. Versatile Garden Accent: Whether planted as a standalone specimen or integrated into mixed borders, Green Love Lies Bleeding is a versatile garden accent. Its striking appearance adds drama and sophistication to various garden settings.

  4. Drought-Tolerant Beauty: Green Love Lies Bleeding is a drought-tolerant beauty, thriving in well-draining soil and adapting well to heat. Enjoy a low-maintenance garden accent that retains its elegance even in challenging weather conditions.

  5. Attracts Garden Enthusiasts: Be prepared for admiration from garden enthusiasts as Green Love Lies Bleeding becomes a conversation starter. The unique green cascades create a focal point, drawing eyes and sparking curiosity about this distinctive amaranth variety.


  • Botanical Name: Amaranthus caudatus 'Green Love'
  • Bloom Color: Green cascades
  • Foliage: Gracefully arching stems
  • Garden Use: Standalone, mixed borders
  • Sun Exposure: Full sun
  • Height: Moderate, ideal for varied garden settings


  • Transform your garden with the graceful green cascades of Green Love Lies Bleeding.
  • Appreciate the distinctive botanical charm and romantic allure of this unique amaranth variety.
  • Enhance various garden settings with the versatile nature of Green Love Lies Bleeding.
  • Enjoy a low-maintenance garden accent that thrives in both well-draining soil and heat.
  • Attract admiration from garden enthusiasts with this captivating and unique addition to your landscape.

Cultivation Tips:

  1. Plant in well-draining soil with exposure to full sun for optimal growth and cascading blooms.
  2. Provide occasional watering, allowing the soil to dry between waterings.
  3. Enjoy the unique beauty of cascading green tassels throughout the growing season.

Transform your garden into a haven of green elegance with Green Love Lies Bleeding. Order now and let this distinctive amaranth variety add a touch of romance and sophistication to your outdoor space!