Swiss Chard, Rainbow Mix (Organic)


Beta vulgaris subsp. cicla

Approx: 25 seeds

Rainbow Mix Swiss Chard seeds produce an array of colorful, nutritious, and flavorful greens. These seeds produce a mix of bright green, yellow, pink, red, and orange leaves that are both beautiful and tasty in salads, stir-fries, or sautés. Swiss Chard is a hardy and fast-growing vegetable that is both heat and cold tolerant, making it ideal for gardeners in many regions. It is a versatile and low maintenance crop that is easy to grow and care for. With its rich nutritional profile, Swiss Chard is a great addition to any garden and to any healthy diet. Plant Rainbow Mix Swiss Chard seeds in well-draining soil, water regularly, and enjoy the vibrant display of greens in your garden and on your plate!