Basil, Genovese (Organic)


Ocimum basilicum 'Genovese'

Approx: 50 seeds

Genovese Basil is an indispensable herb for any kitchen gardener or culinary enthusiast. With its bold and aromatic flavor, it's the perfect ingredient for adding depth and zest to your cooking.

Cultivating Genovese Basil is simple and requires minimal attention. This herb loves the sun and thrives in warm, sunny conditions. It can be grown from seeds or cuttings, and planted in well-drained soil in a sunny spot. After establishment, Genovese Basil requires just occasional watering to keep it vigorous and bountiful.

The fragrant and flavorful leaves of Genovese Basil are versatile and can be used in a range of dishes from pasta sauces to salads and more. Its attractive appearance also makes it a popular choice for ornamental gardens, where it provides color and texture to the landscape.

With its ease of cultivation and delicious leaves, Genovese Basil is an ideal choice for your herb garden. Whether for its flavorsome contributions to your cooking or its ornamental value, this basil is sure to be a cherished staple in your garden for years to come!