Bean, Agate (Organic)


Phaseolus vulgaris 'Agate'

Approx: 20 seeds

Introducing the Agate Bean, a stunning variety of bean that will add a touch of beauty and brilliance to any vegetable garden. With its lush green foliage and vibrant, multi-colored pods, the Agate Bean is a true gem in the garden.

Growing the Agate Bean is a delight, even for those with a green thumb. This variety is tough, hardy, and will grow with ease in most garden conditions. Simply plant the seeds in fertile, well-drained soil and give them plenty of sunlight. Regular watering and a touch of fertilizer will help keep the plants healthy and producing a bumper crop of beans.

The Agate Bean is not only beautiful, but it's also incredibly delicious. Its plump, juicy beans are perfect for cooking in soups, stews, and salads, or simply eating fresh straight from the garden. With a tender texture and a slightly nutty flavor, this bean is sure to become a staple in your kitchen.

So why wait? Get ready to add some color and flavor to your vegetable garden with the Agate Bean. This dazzling variety is a true standout in the garden and will provide you with a bounty of beans that are simply irresistible. Plant some of these brilliant beans today and experience the magic of the Agate Bean for yourself!