Bean Bush, Jacob Cattle


Phaseolus vulgaris


Minimum: 20 seeds

Elevate your gardening experience with Jacob's Cattle Bush Bean, a treasured heirloom variety that combines visual appeal with exceptional flavor. Immerse yourself in the world of this extraordinary bean, perfect for gardeners and culinary enthusiasts seeking a touch of tradition and gourmet quality in their homegrown produce.

Key Features:

  1. Unique Speckled Beauty: Jacob's Cattle Bush Bean boasts a distinctive appearance with its speckled pattern reminiscent of a work of art. The striking beans are not only a delight for the eyes but also a conversation starter in any garden.

  2. Rich and Nutty Flavor: Indulge in the rich and nutty flavor of these heirloom beans. Jacob's Cattle offers a unique taste that stands out in both fresh and cooked preparations, making it a favorite among those who appreciate gourmet ingredients.

  3. Versatile Culinary Use: From soups and stews to salads and side dishes, Jacob's Cattle Bush Bean is a versatile addition to your culinary repertoire. Its robust flavor and firm texture make it a star ingredient in a variety of recipes.

  4. Compact and Productive: The bush growth habit of Jacob's Cattle makes it an excellent choice for gardens of all sizes. Enjoy a bountiful harvest without the need for support structures, making it a space-efficient and manageable addition to your garden.

  5. Heirloom Heritage: Embrace the rich heritage of Jacob's Cattle Bush Bean. This heirloom variety has been cherished for generations, and growing it in your garden connects you to a legacy of gardeners who appreciate exceptional taste and quality.


  • Bean Type: Bush (Non-pole)
  • Color: Speckled pattern
  • Flavor: Rich and nutty
  • Culinary Use: Versatile
  • Growth: Compact and productive
  • Heritage: Heirloom


  • Admire the unique speckled beauty of Jacob's Cattle, adding visual elegance to your garden.
  • Delight in the rich and nutty flavor that sets this heirloom bean apart in culinary creations.
  • Explore versatile culinary use, making Jacob's Cattle a gourmet choice for various dishes.
  • Enjoy a bountiful harvest with the compact and productive bush growth habit.
  • Connect to the heritage of heirloom gardening with this treasured and timeless bean variety.

Cultivation Tips:

  1. Plant in well-draining soil with full sun exposure for optimal growth and yield.
  2. Provide adequate spacing between plants to allow for proper air circulation.
  3. Harvest beans when they are firm and vibrant in color for the best taste and texture.

Bring a touch of tradition and gourmet flair to your garden with Jacob's Cattle Bush Bean. Order now and savor the unique beauty and flavor of this heirloom favorite!