Gaillardia, Dwarf Goblin (Organic)


Gaillardia grandiflora

Approx: 30 seeds

Turn your garden into a colorful masterpiece with Dwarf Goblin Gaillardia, a compact and vibrant perennial that bursts with vivid blooms and adds a playful touch to your outdoor space. Explore the stunning qualities of this charming flower, perfect for garden enthusiasts and landscaping aficionados.

Key Features:

  1. Vibrant Blossoms: Dwarf Goblin Gaillardia is celebrated for its striking and vibrant blossoms. With petals that resemble playful fireworks, it brings an explosion of colors to your garden, including fiery reds, sunny yellows, and rich oranges.

  2. Compact Beauty: This dwarf variety of Gaillardia is designed to thrive in smaller garden spaces, containers, or as a front-of-border plant. Its compact size doesn't compromise on the abundance of blooms, making it an ideal choice for limited garden areas.

  3. Continuous Blooming: Enjoy a continuous display of dazzling flowers from late spring through summer and into early fall. Dwarf Goblin Gaillardia keeps your garden lively and colorful for months on end.

  4. Low Maintenance: Gaillardias are known for their easy-care nature, and Dwarf Goblin is no exception. They tolerate a variety of soil conditions and require minimal maintenance, making them suitable for gardeners of all levels.

  5. Pollinator Magnet: These vibrant flowers are a favorite among pollinators like butterflies and bees, ensuring a lively and biodiverse garden ecosystem.


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  • Sunlight: Full sun
  • Watering: Moderate
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  • Elevate your garden's aesthetics with a burst of vibrant color.
  • Ideal for smaller garden spaces, containers, or as a border plant.
  • Enjoy continuous flowering from late spring to early fall.
  • Low-maintenance and adaptable to various soil conditions.
  • Attracts pollinators, enhancing your garden's biodiversity.

Care Tips:

  1. Plant Dwarf Goblin Gaillardia in well-draining soil with full sun exposure.
  2. Maintain moderate and consistent moisture during the growing season.
  3. Deadhead spent blooms to encourage continuous flowering.
  4. Watch your garden come to life with the vibrant and playful beauty of Dwarf Goblin Gaillardia.

Embrace the riot of colors and the joy of gardening with Dwarf Goblin Gaillardia. Order now and watch as your garden becomes a vibrant and lively masterpiece that captivates all who behold it!