Huacatay/Black Mint


Tagetes minuta

Approx: 50 seeds

Huacatay Black Mint seeds are a must-have for gardeners who want to add unique and exotic flavors to their garden. This South American herb is a staple in Peruvian cuisine, where it is used to season stews, sauces, and soups. Its leaves are small and fragrant, with a unique and pungent flavor that's reminiscent of mint, basil, and cilantro.

Growing Huacatay Black Mint is easy, and the plant thrives in well-drained soil and full sun. Simply plant the seeds in the spring, water regularly, and watch your plants grow. As they mature, you'll be rewarded with a bounty of fragrant leaves that you can harvest and use in your cooking.

These seeds are perfect for those who enjoy experimenting with new and unusual flavors, and they are sure to add a touch of excitement to your garden and your kitchen. So why wait? Get your Huacatay Black Mint seeds today and start growing this amazing and flavorful herb!