Isopod, Panda King (Cubaris)


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Cubaris Sp.

Elevate the charm and functionality of your terrarium or vivarium with Panda King Isopods, charismatic little monarchs that bring a dash of regal black and white to your miniature world. Explore the enchanting world of these tiny terrestrial crustaceans, perfect for terrarium enthusiasts and vivarium keepers.

Key Features:

  1. Regal Black and White: Panda King Isopods are distinguished by their striking black and white coloration, resembling the regal panda bear. Their captivating appearance adds a touch of elegance to your terrarium or vivarium.

  2. Eco-Friendly Cleanup Royalty: These isopods reign as nature's cleanup royalty, diligently breaking down detritus, leaf litter, and organic matter in your miniature kingdom. They contribute to cleanliness and nutrient cycling, maintaining the health of your environment.

  3. Soil Health Sovereigns: As they explore and burrow into the substrate, Panda King Isopods enhance soil aeration and structure, benefiting the root systems of your plants and promoting overall soil health.

  4. Low-Maintenance Rulers: Panda King Isopods require minimal care and adapt seamlessly to various terrarium setups. They are the perfect choice for both beginner and experienced terrarium keepers.

  5. Biodiversity Monarchs: By creating a harmonious habitat, these isopods contribute to the biodiversity of your terrarium or vivarium. They support other microorganisms and small creatures that call your ecosystem home.


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  • Habitat: Terrestrial
  • Diet: Detritus, leaf litter, and organic matter


  • Elevate the visual appeal of your terrarium or vivarium with regal black and white patterns.
  • Maintain a clean and balanced ecosystem with their diligent cleanup work.
  • Improve soil health and aeration, benefiting your plants.
  • Require minimal care and adapt to various terrarium setups.
  • Promote biodiversity and a harmonious environment in your miniature kingdom.

Care Tips:

  1. Introduce Panda King Isopods into your terrarium or vivarium by gently placing them in the substrate.
  2. Provide a substrate depth that allows for burrowing and hiding spaces.
  3. Maintain a stable and moderate humidity level for their comfort.
  4. Offer occasional detritus or leaf litter as a food source.

Transform your terrarium or vivarium into a realm of regal beauty and functionality with the captivating Panda King Isopods. Order now and witness the majesty of these tiny terrestrial crustaceans as they contribute to the balance and aesthetics of your miniature kingdom!