Lettuce, Grand Rapids (Organic)


Lactuca sativa

Approx: 150 seeds

The Grand Rapids Lettuce is a classic variety of lettuce that is prized for its crisp and refreshing flavor. This lettuce is perfect for salads, sandwiches, and garnishing, and is known for its bright green color and crunchy texture. The Grand Rapids Lettuce is easy to grow and ideal for gardeners of all skill levels. These seeds are heirloom, meaning that they are open-pollinated and have been passed down for generations, preserving the natural flavors and characteristics of this classic variety. When planting, ensure that the seeds are sown in a sunny location with well-drained soil, and keep the soil moist but not too wet. With proper care, you can expect to harvest your Grand Rapids Lettuce in approximately 55-70 days. These seeds are non-GMO and are packaged with care to ensure maximum germination rates, making them the perfect choice for your next gardening project.