Purslane, Goldberg Golden

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Portulaca oleracea sativa

Approx: 100 seeds

Transform your garden into a vibrant haven with Goldberg Golden Purslane, a radiant and hardy plant variety known for its succulent, golden-yellow foliage. Dive into the world of this extraordinary garden gem, perfect for gardening enthusiasts and lovers of sun-kissed landscapes.

Key Features:

Radiant Golden Foliage: Goldberg Golden Purslane boasts succulent leaves in a brilliant shade of golden-yellow, bringing a burst of sunshine to your garden. Its vibrant color creates an eye-catching display that uplifts any outdoor space.
Drought Tolerance: This resilient plant exhibits excellent drought tolerance, making it a reliable choice for gardens with varying water conditions. Goldberg Golden Purslane thrives even in sun-drenched environments, providing beauty with minimal maintenance.
Versatile Garden Accent: Whether cascading from containers, spilling over borders, or forming ground cover, Goldberg Golden Purslane is a versatile garden accent. Its trailing habit and radiant color make it an excellent choice for a range of landscaping applications.
Seasonal Interest: Enjoy year-round interest with this purslane variety. In addition to its vibrant summer display, Goldberg Golden Purslane may produce small, inconspicuous flowers, adding a touch of delicacy to its overall charm.
Low-Maintenance Marvel: Goldberg Golden Purslane is a low-maintenance marvel, requiring little care to thrive. Its hardiness and adaptability make it suitable for both novice and experienced gardeners, bringing beauty with ease.

Foliage Color: Golden-yellow
Growth Habit: Trailing and spreading
Water Needs: Low to moderate
Sun Exposure: Full sun

Infuse your garden with the radiant beauty of Goldberg Golden Purslane's golden-yellow foliage.
Create a resilient and drought-tolerant landscape with this hardy garden gem.
Use its versatility to accent containers, borders, or ground cover with its trailing habit.
Enjoy seasonal interest with potential blooms, adding delicate charm to your garden.
Experience a low-maintenance and adaptable plant suitable for all gardening levels.
Care Tips:

Plant in well-draining soil in a location with full sun exposure for optimal coloration.
Water sparingly, allowing the soil to dry out between watering sessions.
Consider using Goldberg Golden Purslane as a ground cover or in hanging baskets for a cascading effect.
Transform your garden into a golden paradise with Goldberg Golden Purslane. Order now and bring a radiant touch of sunshine to your outdoor oasis!