Sage Clary, Pink Sundae (Organic)

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Salvia sclarea

Approx: 25 seeds

Pink Sundae Sage Clary seeds are a must-have for any herb or flower garden! With their vibrant pink blooms and luscious sage-like fragrance, these seeds will add a touch of beauty and aroma to any outdoor space. The pink sundae sage clary plant grows to about 2-3 feet tall and produces an abundance of delicate, star-shaped flowers from late spring through summer. Its leaves have a pleasant sage scent, making it a great choice for culinary and ornamental use.

These seeds are easy to grow and do best in full sun to light shade with well-drained soil. They are drought-tolerant and can thrive in many different growing conditions, making them a low-maintenance choice for gardeners of all skill levels. Whether you're looking to add color and fragrance to a flower bed, or simply want to attract pollinators to your yard, Pink Sundae Sage Clary seeds are an excellent choice!