Water Spangles


Salvinia minima

Approx: 10-15 Plants

Origin: Salvinia Minima, also known as Water Spangles, originates from the warm regions of Central and South America. This small, floating aquatic plant thrives in freshwater environments, making it a fascinating addition to water features and aquariums.

Description: Salvinia Minima boasts intricate, delicate leaves that form a lush floating carpet on water surfaces. The vibrant green coloration of its foliage adds a refreshing touch to aquatic landscapes. Its growth pattern creates a natural shade, providing shelter for aquatic inhabitants while preventing excessive light penetration that can lead to algae growth.

Growing Preferences: Salvinia Minima is relatively easy to cultivate, making it a great choice for both experienced and novice gardeners. It thrives in still or slow-moving freshwater environments, with a preference for moderate to bright indirect light. Regular trimming helps maintain its compact appearance and encourages healthy growth. Ensure a balanced nutrient regimen to support its lush greenery.

Uses: This versatile plant serves various purposes in aquascaping and gardening. In aquariums, it aids in nutrient absorption, oxygenation, and offering hiding spots for small aquatic creatures. In outdoor water gardens and ponds, it acts as a natural water purifier, absorbing excess nutrients and providing shelter for fish and amphibians. Salvinia Minima's charming appearance also lends itself to creating serene, natural-looking aquatic displays, enhancing the overall aesthetic of any aquatic setting.