Sunflower, Maximilian (Organic)


Helianthus maximiliani

Minimum: 30 seeds

Elevate your late summer garden with the regal beauty of Maximilian Sunflower. Standing tall and proud, this native perennial dazzles with its golden blooms, bringing a touch of warmth and splendor to your outdoor space. Experience the grandeur of Maximilian Sunflower and transform your garden into a haven of late-season brilliance.

Key Features:

  1. Golden Crowns of Abundance: Maximilian Sunflower graces your garden with a profusion of golden blooms that resemble radiant crowns. The abundant flowers create a breathtaking spectacle, turning your garden into a late summer paradise.

  2. Vertical Majesty: With its tall and erect stature, Maximilian Sunflower reaches for the sky, adding a vertical dimension to your landscape. This makes it an ideal backdrop or focal point, creating a sense of majesty and drama in your garden.

  3. Late-Season Cheer: Embrace the late-season cheer brought by Maximilian Sunflower. As other flowers bid farewell, this perennial shines, extending the vibrant display well into the fall months and providing sustenance for pollinators during their late-season foraging.

  4. Drought-Tolerant Resilience: Maximilian Sunflower is a resilient and drought-tolerant beauty. Thriving in sunny and well-drained conditions, it requires minimal maintenance while offering maximum impact, making it an excellent choice for water-wise landscaping.

  5. Wildlife Magnet: Invite a flurry of pollinators, including bees and butterflies, to your garden with Maximilian Sunflower. The abundant nectar-rich blooms become a haven for wildlife, adding ecological vibrancy to your outdoor space.


  • Botanical Name: Helianthus maximiliani
  • Bloom Color: Golden yellow
  • Plant Type: Perennial
  • Height: Tall and erect
  • Sun Exposure: Full sun
  • Bloom Time: Late summer to fall


  • Adorn your garden with the majestic golden crowns of Maximilian Sunflower, creating a breathtaking late summer display.
  • Introduce vertical majesty to your landscape with the tall and erect stature of this native perennial.
  • Extend the cheer of late-season blooms well into fall, ensuring your garden remains vibrant when other flowers have faded.
  • Embrace the resilience and low-maintenance nature of Maximilian Sunflower, perfect for water-wise landscaping.
  • Attract a myriad of pollinators, contributing to the ecological balance of your garden.

Cultivation Tips:

  1. Plant Maximilian Sunflower in well-drained soil with exposure to full sun for optimal growth and blooming.
  2. Water moderately, allowing the soil to dry between waterings.
  3. Enjoy the late-season beauty by providing support to tall stems, if needed.

Welcome the grandeur of late summer with Maximilian Sunflower. Order now and witness the majestic golden display that transforms your garden into a late-season masterpiece!