Marigold, Petite Mix (Organic)


Tagetes patula

Approx: 100 seeds

Petite Mix Marigold seeds are a must-have for any gardener who loves adding a pop of color to their garden beds. These tiny seeds produce compact, bushy plants that bloom with brightly colored flowers in shades of yellow, orange, and red. With their compact size and vibrant blooms, Petite Mix Marigolds are perfect for planting in containers, along borders, or as edging plants.

Marigolds are also known for their ability to attract beneficial insects like bees and butterflies to your garden, making them not only a beautiful addition but also a valuable one for the ecosystem.

Growing Petite Mix Marigolds is easy, and they are well-suited to a range of growing conditions. They are heat and drought tolerant, and will thrive in full sun. Sow the seeds directly in your garden beds or in containers, and keep the soil consistently moist until germination. In just a few short weeks, you'll see sprouts appearing, and in no time, your garden will be awash with colorful blooms.

If you're looking for a quick, easy way to add a burst of color to your garden, look no further than Petite Mix Marigold seeds. With their vibrant flowers and easy-to-grow nature, these seeds are sure to become a staple in your garden for years to come.